Vancouver School of Economics,
     University of British Columbia

Joshua D. Gottlieb

Vancouver School of Economics
University of British COlumbia

 Joshua D. Gottlieb

 Assistant Professor, UBC

 Faculty Research Fellow, NBER

 Mailing Address
  Vancouver School of Economics 
  University of British Columbia 
  6000 Iona Drive 
  Vancouver, BC V6T 1L4 

 Contact Information 
  Office: (604) 822-4121

 Research Interests 
  Public Economics
  Health Economics 
  Urban and Real Estate Economics
  • Assistant Professor of Economics at UBC
  • NBER Faculty Research Fellow
  • 2015 Kenneth J. Arrow Award for Best Paper in Health Economics, iHEA
  • 2012 Outstanding Dissertation Award, National Tax Association [expand]

Working Papers

Does Career Risk Deter Potential Entrepreneurs?
With Richard Townsend and Ting Xu [.bib]

The Spillover Effects of Top Income Inequality
With Jeffrey Clemens, David Hemous, and Morten Olsen [.bib]

Do Health Insurers Innovate?
Evidence from the Anatomy of Physician Payments

With Jeffrey Clemens and Timea Laura Molnar [.bib]
Revisions requested at Journal of Health Economics


In the Shadow of a Giant:
Medicare's Influence on Private Payment Systems

Journal of Political Economy (2017). With Jeffrey Clemens [.bib]


Medicare Payment Cuts Continue to Restrain Inflation
FRBSF Economic Letter (2016). With Jeffrey Clemens and Adam Hale Shapiro [.bib]

Unhappy Cities
Journal of Labor Economics (2016). With Edward Glaeser and Oren Ziv [.bib]

How Much Do Medicare Cuts Reduce Inflation?
FRBSF Economic Letter (2014). With Jeffrey Clemens and Adam Hale Shapiro [.bib]

Do Physicians' Financial Incentives Affect Treatment Patterns and Patient Health?
American Economic Review (2014). With Jeffrey Clemens [.bib]

Can Cheap Credit Explain the Housing Boom?
Housing and the Financial Crisis (2013). With Edward Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko [.bib]

Housing Booms and City Centers
American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings (2012). With Edward Glaeser and Kristina Tobio [.bib]

The Wealth of Cities:
Agglomeration Economies and Spatial Equilibrium in the United States

Journal of Economic Literature (2009). With Edward Glaeser [.bib]

The Economics of Place-Making Policies
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (2008). With Edward Glaeser [.bib]

Urban Resurgence and the Consumer City
Urban Studies (2006). With Edward Glaeser [.bib]

Other Essays

Medicare's payments system affects the whole US healthcare sector, LSE Business Review, April 2017. With Jeffrey Clemens

Making Big Data Informative Data, Parameters, Sep. 2016. [.bib]

Does Job Protection Encourage Entrepreneurship?, SIEPR Policy Brief, May 2016. [.bib]

Review of Housing Markets and the Economy: Risk, Regulation, and Policy: Essays in Honor of Karl E. Case, Journal of Economic Literature, Dec. 2015 [.bib]

Maximising Happiness Does Not Maximise Welfare,, Oct. 2014. With Edward Glaeser and Oren Ziv [.bib]

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Did Credit Market Policies Cause the Housing Bubble?, Rappaport/Taubman Policy Brief, May 2010. With Edward Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko [.bib]


Bad policy has played a role in Canada’s housing crisis, The Globe and Mail, May 2017. With Kevin Bryan and Joseph Steinberg

B.C.'s new first-time homebuyer loans are a bad idea, The Vancouver Sun, December 2016. With Tom Davidoff and Josh Gordon

A better way to tax vacant Vancouver homes, The Globe and Mail, July 2016.